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Featured Recipes Recipe - Dragon Stein 16 oz

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What You'll Need:

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4201 - DRAGON STEIN 16 OZ (7'H x 3.25'D)


2300 - POLAR BEAR (Pint)

2303 - LIME RICKY (Pint)

2304 - GREEN ACRES (Pint)

2314 - BLACK LAB (Pint)

2359 - LIME LIGHT (Pint)

2373 - KEY LIME PIE (Pint)

2375 - JUMPIN' JELLY (Pint)


6414 - HYDRA 3" CLEAN-UP SPONGE (3 in. dia.)

6673 - MAJESTIC ROUND #6 - 12PK

6674 - MAJESTIC ROUND #4 - 12PK



4201 - DRAGON STEIN 16 OZ (7'H x 3.25'D)


Step 1 Paint 3 coats of Lime Ricky on the inside of the mug.  
Step 2 Using a #6 Round Brush paint 2 coats of Key Lime on the wings and ribbed chest area. Next paint 2 coats of Lime Light over the Key Lime on the wings and ribbed chest area. 
Step 3 Using a #6 round brush, paint the rest of the dragon body with 1 coat of Green Acres. Let dry slightly, then sponge off the Green Acres. To create light and dark areas on the body use a #4 brush and paint 1 light coat of Green Acres–lighter on the head and body, heavier around the mouth area and arms. 
Step 4 Sideload a #4 round brush with Jumpin’ Jelly and paint shadow lines in the wings. With a detail brush paint lines of Green Acres along the Jumpin’ Jelly sideloaded areas (see photo above). Paint 3 coats of Jumpin’ Jelly to the spine on top of the head and nose. 
Step 5 Using a #6 round brush, paint 3 coats of Black Lab on the rest of the outside of the mug. With a detailed brush, paint 1-2 coats of Black Lab on the eyes and tongue. Add highlights to each eye with a dot of Polar Bear.
Step 6 Dip in Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze and fire to cone 06. 


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