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Featured Recipes Recipe - Mother's Day You are my Sunshine

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What You'll Need:

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4105 - 4105 I LOVE YOU MOM MUG (4H x 3.25D)

5057 - 5057 SMALL FLOWER POT w/SAUCER (4D x 4H)

8192 - 8192 SMALL FUNKY FLOWER (2.25W)


2301 - SMILEY FACE (2 oz.)

2305 - FS-2305 2 OZ BLUE HEAVEN (2 oz.)

2313 - FS-2313 2 OZ HAPPY TRAILS (2 oz.)

2314 - FS-2314 2 OZ BLACK LAB (2 oz.)

2318 - FS-2318 THE NAKED TRUTH (2 oz.)

2327 - FS-2327 2OZ BLAZING SADDLE (2 oz.)

2341 - FS-2341 2 OZ KERMIT (2 oz.)

2373 - FS-2373 PINT KEY LIME PIE (Pint)

2375 - FS-2375 2 OZ JUMPIN' JELLY (2 oz.)

2387 - FS-2387 POOL PARTY (2 oz.)

2390 - FS-2390 2 OZ ORANGE CRUSH (2 oz.)

2392 - FS-2392 2 OZ ROCKIN' RED (2 oz.)

2500 - BD-2500 2 OZ BUMPY SNOW (2 oz.)



6414 - HYDRA 3" CLEAN-UP SPONGE (3 in. dia.)

6563 - 6563 - CC 9595-1 LINER #1

6672 - 6672 - MAJESTIC ROUND #8 - 12PK

6673 - 6673 - MAJESTIC ROUND #6 - 12PK


5057 - 5057 SMALL FLOWER POT w/SAUCER (4D x 4H)


Step 1 Using the # 8 round brush, apply 3 coats of Pool Party to the rim of the plate, the outside of the mug, including the handle, and to the bottom section of the flower pot. Apply 3 coats of Key Lime Pie to the saucer of the flower pot. Apply 3 coats of Smiley Face to the outside rim and the inside of the flower pot. Also apply to the inside of the mug and the center of the plate.
Step 2 Using the Fun Writer with Smiley Face, make triangles for rays of sun on the rim of the plate and the top outside edge of the mug, meeting the yellow center. 
Step 3 Using the # 6 round brush, apply 3 coats of Orange Crush to the petals of the bisquie flower and also to the letters “I” and “MOM” on the mug. Dot with Orange Crush. Apply 3 coats of Rockin’ Red to the heart. Apply 3 coats of Smiley Face with the Fun Writer to the center of the bisquie flower.
Step 4 Trace the pattern to the center of the plate and to the rim of the mug. All the letters are done from a Fun Writer filled with Black lab. The outline of sun rays are Black Lab.
Step 5 Using the # 6 round brush, apply 3 coats of The Naked Truth to the arms, legs and face of the little girl. Apply 3 coats of Blazing Saddles to the hair. 3 coats of Rockin Red to the dress and also to the small hearts above the swing. 3 coats of Orange Crush to the shoes and apply dots to the dress using the back of the brush with Orange Crush and 3 coats to the shoes. Apply 3 coats of Happy Trails to the swing. Using the detail brush, apply rope with Blazing Saddles. Outline the girl and her eyes and lashes with the detail brush or the fun writer using Black Lab. 
Step 6 Use Bumpy Snow for the clouds on the flower pot and the mug. 
Step 7 Grass and flower stems are done with the detail brush using Kermit. The flowers on the mug and pot are alternated using the following colors: Blue Heaven, Jumpin Jelly, Rockin Red and Orange Crush, done with the detail brush. 
Step 8 Dip all pieces in Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze and fire to cone 06. Use the box to store all the  ladybug pieces.   
Note: Dip flower bisquie separate, sit it on the plate and fire together or epoxy to plate after firing.


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