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Featured Recipes Recipe - Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board & Box

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What You'll Need:

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5066 - 5066 SQUARE TILE - 8" (8SQ.)

7105 - 7105 LARGE ROUND BOX (4.5D)

8182 - 8182 LADYBUG BISQUE (2W)


2314 - FS-2314 2 OZ BLACK LAB (2 oz.)

2315 - FS-2315 WHAT A YOLK (2 oz.)

2341 - FS-2341 2 OZ KERMIT (2 oz.)

2373 - FS-2373 2 OZ KEY LIME PIE (2 oz.)

2392 - FS-2392 2 OZ ROCKIN' RED (2 oz.)



6560 - 6560 -CC 9250 ROUND #10

6562 - 6562 CC 9250 ROUND #6

6571 - 6571 - AQUALON 2835 SOFT FAN 8

6723 - D SERIES #5B 3 1/2" BAR FIRING STILTS (3.5 IN.)


Step 1 Apply 3 coats of Key Lime Pie to the entire box and the top and sides of the 8” tile using the # 10 round brush. 
Step 2 Using the soft fan brush, apply 1 heavy coat of Kermit across the top of the tile. Use the rubber comb tool to rake across the top to show some of the Key Lime Pie beneath the Kermit. Note: This must be done while the Kermit is still wet. That is why you need to apply one heavy coat rather quickly. You want to be able to comb through the Kermit. Paint the top cover of the box and the bottom of the box the same way. Paint the inside of the box with Key Lime Pie. 
Step 3 When the tile is dry, use the Fun Writer bottle filled with Black Lab and make your tic-tac-toe design. You might want to lightly pencil it in before you apply the black so you have something to follow.  Also, it is easier to make the lines wavy so you don’t have to worry about how straight they are, and it looks cute. Each section is about 2 ½”.  
Step 4 Apply 3 coats of Rockin’ Red to 5 of the ladybugs and 3 coats of What-A-Yolk to the other 5 ladybugs. Use the # 6 round brush with Black Lab to paint the ladybug’s spots and head area. Also apply a line with the Black Lab down the center of the ladybug’s back. 
Note about stilting:  You can fire everything separate and epoxy the tile to the lid of the box afterward or you can fire the lid to the tile (as shown in the photo) with these directions. The 3” tall stilt is recommended because it works very well for box covers, canister covers, large platters, etc. After the pieces are dipped, put the 3” stilt on the kiln shelf, put the box cover on the stilt and center the tile on the box cover so the cover and the tile fire together. Fire the bottom of the box and the ladybugs all separately. 
Step 5 Dip in Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze and fire to cone 06. Use the box to store all the  ladybug pieces. 


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