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Featured Recipes Recipe - Elephant Bank

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What You'll Need:

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Step 1 Apply 1 coat of Hi Ho Silver Fun Stroke to the entire elephant and then wipe back with a damp sponge cleaning all the color off but the crevices.

Step 2 Apply 1 coat of Blue Heaven Fun Stroke to the irises. Apply Black Lab Fun Stroke to the pupils, outline, lashes and eyebrows. Sideload your brush with Black Lab and paint a faint line above the eyelid to define the top of the lid. See photo above. When iris and pupils are dry highlight eye with a dot of Polar Bear.

Check out Gare’s How to Paint Eyes video at:

Step 3 Using a double stylus or the end of your brush apply different size dots with In The Pink Fun Stroke or any Fun Stroke color(s) you prefer. Apply In The Pink to the mouth area also.

Step 4: Dip in Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze and fire to cone 06.­



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