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Featured Recipes Recipe - Chihuahua

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What You'll Need:

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7425 - CHIHUAHUA (4.75H x 3.5W)


2300 - POLAR BEAR (2 oz.)

2313 - FS-2313 8 OZ HAPPY TRAILS (8 oz.)

2314 - FS-2314 8 OZ BLACK LAB (8 oz.)

2327 - FS-2327 PINT BLAZZING SADDLE (Pint)

2328 - FS-2328 PINT MOCHA-CHINO (Pint)

2341 - FS-2341 2 OZ KERMIT (2 oz.)


6562 - CC 9250 ROUND No.6




Step 1 Body: apply 3 coats of Blazing Saddles to the entire piece with a round brush. Let dry.

Step 2 Collar: with a detail brush apply 3 coats of Kermit to the collar. Then 2 coats of Polar Bear to the dog tag and finally 2 coats of Black Lab to the collar buckle and accents on the tag.

Step 3 Nose & Mouth: with a detail brush, apply 2 coats of Black Lab to the nose and 2 coats of Polar Bear to the area right below the mouth. Then outline the lips with Black Lab.

Step 4 Ears: apply 2 coats of Mocha Chino inside the ears.

Step 5 Eyes

  1. Clean excess glaze in eyes and then apply 3 coats of Polar Bear to each eye.
  2. Iris of the eyes: apply 2 coats of Mocha Chino in a circle on the inside center-top of each eye. Be sure to leave a sliver of white showing on the right, left and bottom of each eye.
  3. Pupil of eyes: begin by painting a small circle of Black Lab on top of the iris (Mocha Chino), and then increase the circle a little more. Hold your Chihuahua in front of you to see if the pupils are even and large enough. When the size is to your liking, paint 2 more coats of Black Lab to the pupils. Be sure to leave some of the white and Mocha Chino showing on the sides and bottom to give the eyes dimension.
  4. After eyes dry; apply a white highlight in each eye using you’re a detail brush. Be sure that you place the highlight in each eye going in the same direction (i.e. either top-left or both top-right. Not one on top-left and one on top-right).

Step 8 With a detail brush apply Polar Bear highlight to the tip of the nose. Then apply 1-2 coats of
Polar Bear for the stripe between the eyes.

Step 9 Dip in Dazzle Dip Clear Glaze.

Step 10 Fire to cone 06.­




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