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Featured Recipes Recipe - Pottery Glazed Pumpkin Plate & Mug

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What You'll Need:

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1077 - PUMPKIN PLATE (8.5L x 8.5W)

4188 - PUMPKIN MUG (3.75H x 3.5W 12oz)


9541 - NTG - 9541 4OZ JOLLY GREEN (4 oz.)

9542 - NTG - 9542 4OZ DARLIN' CLEMENTINE (4 oz.)


6542 - COLORSTIX - No. 6 STIFF FAN (12Pk)

6560 - CC 9250 ROUND No.10

6562 - CC 9250 ROUND No.6


Step 1- Brush 3 coats of Darlin’ Clementine onto the entire front surface and back of the plate and the outside and inside of the mug using the Round #10 Brush. No need to shade these pieces as the Pottery Glazes move while firing and tend to pool in crevices creating beautiful effects.

Step 2- Brush on 3 coats of Jolly Green to the stem on the plate and the stem/handle of the mug using the Round #6 Brush.

Step 3- Do not clear glaze, fire to cone 06. 



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