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Featured Recipes Recipe - Rustic Chalkboard Mug and Bucket

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What You'll Need:

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4185 - TIN CAN MUG (4H x 3.5Dia x 16oz)


2329 - FS-2329 8 OZ HI HO SILVER (8 oz.)

9216 - NTG-9216 PINTS EBONY (1 pint)


6414 - HYDRA 3in CLEAN-UP SPONGE (3 in. dia.)

6571 - AQUALON 2835 SOFT FAN 8

6673 - MAJESTIC ROUND No.6 - 12PK


Step 1- Apply 1 coat of Hi Ho Silver to the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of the outside of the mug as shown in the photo. Allow to dry slightly, then wipe the Hi Ho Silver with a damp sponge in horizontal strokes to remove some of the glaze and reveal some of the bare bisque.

Step 2- Using the #6 Round Brush, apply 4 coats of Ebony to the entire inside of the mug, as well as to the smooth center band on the outside of the mug (refer to photo).

Step 3- Brush on clear glaze ONLY to the area painted with Hi Ho Silver, as well as to the bottom of the mug, avoiding the areas painted with Ebony.  

Step 4- Repeat steps 1-3 on Bucket.

Step 5- DO NOT DIP. Fire to cone 06.


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