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Featured Recipes Recipe - Mother's Day-sy Plate

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What You'll Need:

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2300 - FS-2300 PINT POLAR BEAR (Pint)

2301 - FS-2301 PINT SMILEY FACE (Pint)

2314 - FS-2314 PINT BLACK LAB (Pint)

2317 - FS-2317 8 OZ ARIZONA SUN (8 oz.)

2374 - FS-2374 8 OZ BLUE ICE (8 oz.)



6414 - HYDRA 3in CLEAN-UP SPONGE (3 in. dia.)

6571 - AQUALON 2835 SOFT FAN 8


Step 1- Apply 3 coats of Polar Bear to entire plate and let dry.

Step 2- Cut out daisy pattern (below). Wet a soft fan brush and apply water to the area where you’ll be putting the pattern. Dab with a sponge to remove excess water and place the pattern in the center of the plate.

Step 3- Squeeze Blue Ice onto a paper plate and add water to slightly thin down the color. Using a soft fan brush, apply one good coat of Blue Ice. While the glaze is still wet, lay a paper towel over the paint and lightly press down, then peel paper towel away revealing a textured pattern.

Step 4- Using a damp sponge, very lightly wipe around the edge of the bowl to create a smooth white border.

Step 5- Remove paper daisy.

Step 6- Dip flat surface of sponge into Smiley Face, then lightly dab onto paper towel to remove excess. Slightly tilt the sponge and lightly dip into Arizona Sun so just a small portion of the edge of the sponge contains the color. Dab the sponge into the center of the daisy, pressing lightly and twisting ½ a turn to create the colored flower center. This will allow you to create the shaded center in a single step.

Step 7- Using a Fun Writer filled with Black Lab, trace over “mom” and loosely scribble around the flower center and outline each petal.

Step 8- Allow to dry, then dip into clear glaze and fire to cone 06.


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