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Featured Recipes Recipe - Organic Ware Pottery Glazes

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What You'll Need:

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1073 - 1073 - ORGANIC WARE SALAD PLATE (8.25L x 7W)

1074 - 1074 - ORGANIC WARE DINNER PLATE (11L x 10W)

1075 - 1075 - ORGANIC WARE CHARGER (12.75L x 11.25W)

2139 - 2139 - ORGANIC WARE BOWL (6.5W x 2.75H)


2600 - SC-2600 PINT WHITE BOARD (Pint)

9516 - NTG-9516 4OZ MIDNIGHT STONE (4 oz.)

9522 - NTG-9522 PINT OCEAN MIST (Pint)


6570 - 6570 - AQUALON 2400 GOAT MOP 3/4

6571 - 6571 - AQUALON 2835 SOFT FAN 8


Step 1- Using a soft fan brush, cover the front and back of all pieces in 3 coats of White Board and let dry.

Step 2- Apply two coats of Ocean Mist to the top side of each piece (inside of bowl) with a mop brush, stopping about ¼” from the edge as shown in photo.

Step 3- Apply two coats of Midnight Stone on top of the Ocean Mist using the exact same application instructions as in Step 2.  

NOTE: The thicker the coats of pottery glaze are applied, the deeper the fired color will be, so variations in glaze thickness will cause variations to the color of the fired piece.

Step 4- Fire to a cone 06.


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