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Featured Recipes Recipe - Doodle Dots NYC Platter

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What You'll Need:

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3068 - 3068 SQUIRCLE LARGE PLATTER (14L x 10W x 1H)


2301 - FS-2301 8 OZ SMILEY FACE (8 oz.)

2314 - FS-2314 PINT BLACK LAB (Pint)

2365 - FS-2365 8OZ NOT QUITE WHITE (8 oz.)

2396 - FS-2396 8OZ ANCHORS AWAY (8 oz.)



6571 - 6571 - AQUALON 2835 SOFT FAN 8

6673 - 6673 - MAJESTIC ROUND #6 - 12PK


Step 1- Apply 3 coats of Black Lab to the entire platter with a Soft Fan Brush. While the third coat is still wet, apply 1-2 coats of Anchors Away using horizontal strokes beginning about 4” down from the top of the plate. Some black should still show through. As you get toward the bottom of the plate, use the #6 Round Brush to swish a small amount of Not Quite White into the wet glaze around the bottom to create a fog-like effect (refer to photo).

Step 2- Trace the pattern onto the plate. Using the #6 Round Brush, fill in all of the buildings with 1-2 coats of Black Lab. NOTE: You do not have to go to the very top of the two tallest buildings.

Step 3- Fill a Fun Writer with Not Quite White. Using a yellow tip, begin applying dots to the top area and filling in details according to the pattern. As you work your way toward the bottom of the buildings, use the pink Fun Writer tip to apply larger dots.  

Step 4- Using a Fun Writer filled with Smiley Face, color in the taxi cab, leaving thin outlines of Black Lab showing.

Step 5- Turn the platter upside down. Holding the Fun Writer filed with Not Quite White sideways, drag it down the platter vertically so that it skips, creating a scattered line representing the rain drops.

Step 6- Dip into clear glaze and fire to cone 06.


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