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Featured Recipes Recipe - Doodle Dots™ Kite Tile

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What You'll Need:

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5066 - 5066 SQUARE TILE - 8" (8SQ.)


2300 - FS-2300 PINT POLAR BEAR (Pint)

2303 - FS-2303 PINT LIME RICKY (Pint)

2314 - FS-2314 8 OZ BLACK LAB (8 oz.)

2315 - FS-2315 8 OZ WHAT A YOLK (8 oz.)

2374 - FS-2374 8 OZ BLUE ICE (8 oz.)

2391 - FS-2391 8 OZ RED BLAZE (8 oz.)

2396 - FS-2396 8OZ ANCHORS AWAY (8 oz.)

2397 - FS-2397 8OZ TANGY TANGERINE (8 oz.)



6671 - 6671 - MAJESTIC ROUND #12 - 12PK


Step 1- Apply 3 coats of Black Lab to front and sides of tile with a #12 Round Brush and let dry.

Step 2- Lightly trace the pattern onto the tile. Note: thick black lines indicate areas where you will leave blank space.

Step 3- You will use both pink and yellow tips on a Fun Writer to apply dots according to the color numbers indicated on the attached pattern. Areas of solid color are noted on the pattern as well, and are also applied using a Fun Writer. The photo above can be used as a guide as to the size of the dots to apply.

Step 4- Clear glaze and fire to cone 06. 


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