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Featured Recipes Recipe - Watercolor Daisy Plate

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What You'll Need:

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2300 - FS-2300 PINT POLAR BEAR (Pint)

2328 - FS-2328 PINT MOCHA-CHINO (Pint)

2329 - FS-2329 PINT HI HO SILVER (Pint)

2368 - FS-2368 8 OZ OLD YELLER (8 oz.)

2378 - FS-2378 8 OZ PEA SOUP (8 oz.)


6671 - MAJESTIC ROUND No.12 - 12PK

6673 - MAJESTIC ROUND No.6 - 12PK


Step 1- Apply 2 coats of Polar Bear with a #12 Round Brush and let dry.

Step 2- Lightly trace the pattern onto the plate.

Step 3- Using a #6 Round Brush, water down Hi Ho Silver (to create a “wash” of color) and paint left edges of flower petals to create a shadowing effect.

Step 4- Stipple a wash of Old Yeller onto the flower center and let dry.

Step 5- Stipple a wash of Mocha-chino onto the portion of the flower center that abuts the petals.

Step 6- Use a wash of Pea Soup to create flower stems. Allow to dry.

Step 7- Use a wash of Mocha-chino on the left edge of the flower stems.

Step 8- Using a #12 Round Brush, apply a wash of Old Yeller to the background of the plate and around the flower and stem. Add drops of Pea Soup in with the Old Yeller and make it darker as you get closer to the flower petals.

Step 9- Clear glaze and fire to cone 06. 


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