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Featured Recipes Recipe - Watercolor Poppies Plate

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What You'll Need:

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2300 - FS-2300 PINT POLAR BEAR (Pint)

2328 - FS-2328 PINT MOCHA-CHINO (Pint)

2361 - FS-2361 PINT LEAP FROG (Pint)

2368 - FS-2368 8 OZ OLD YELLER (8 oz.)

2391 - FS-2391 8 OZ RED BLAZE (8 oz.)


6563 - CC 9595-1 LINER No.1

6671 - MAJESTIC ROUND No.12 - 12PK


Step 1- Apply 2 coats of Polar Bear with a #12 Round Brush and let dry.

Step 2- Lightly trace the pattern onto the plate.

Step 3- Using a #6 Round Brush, water down Red Blaze (to create a “wash” of color) and paint flower petals. Allow to dry. Go over the edges of the petals again to create shading so you have light and dark areas.

Step 4- Paint the flower centers with a wash of Old Yeller combined with a small amount of Mocha-chino in the center of the Old Yeller.

Step 5- Paint flower stems with a wash of Leap Frog.

Step 6- Using #12 Round Brush, apply a wash of Old Yeller to the background of the plate and around the flower and stem. Let dry, then apply a second wash of Old Yeller to create depth.

Step 7- Clear glaze and fire to cone 06. 


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