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2017/18 Gare Bisque Catalog 2017/18 Gare Bisque Catalog
Pottery Glaze Layering Combinations Pottery Glaze Layering Combinations
Layer Pottery Glazes to create unique effects and a different look every time. Here are just a few of the endless color combinations created by layering Pottery Glazes and Specialty Glazes.
2014/15 Gare Bisque Catalog 2014/15 Gare Bisque Catalog
2015/16 Gare Bisque Catalog 2015/16 Gare Bisque Catalog
2016/17 Gare Bisque Catalog 2016/17 Gare Bisque Catalog
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Snowman Serving Bowl Snowman Serving Bowl
Our Serving Bowl painted with Fun Strokes in an adorable Snowman design. horizontal image
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day hearts and smooches abound on these fun, functional pieces. Horizontal layout
Festive Holiday Mugs Festive Holiday Mugs
An array of mugs for the winter season or for Christmas, propped with fake snow, whipped cream, and candy canes. Horizontal format.
Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
Spell out Happy Holidays using our Letter Plaques! Horizontal format.
Snowflake Squircle Collection Snowflake Squircle Collection
A red and white snowflake design on our Squircle Dinnerware Collection. Perfect for winter promotions! Horizontal format.
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
A variety of Valentine's painted and inspired pieces. Horizontal format.
Christmas Blue Setting Christmas Blue Setting
A place setting for winter/Christmas featuring blues and our Snow Storm specialty glaze.
Christmas Tree Variety Christmas Tree Variety
Our Christmas Tree Variety including our Christmas Wreath. Shows the breadth of tree selection. Horizontal format.
Christmas Trees Christmas Trees
Our Christmas Trees all painted with our popular Glass Green Specialty Glaze. Horizontal format.
Whimsical Holiday Pieces Whimsical Holiday Pieces
A variety of whimsical holiday pieces including our Animated Christmas Tree, set on a white background with presents. Vertical format.
Mantle of Trees & Holiday Decor Mantle of Trees & Holiday Decor
A home mantle featuring our Shelf Christmas as well as other Christmas decor that fit perfectly on a standard fireplace mantle. Horizontal format.
Animated Trees & Presents Animated Trees & Presents
Our Animated Tree collection featuring Christmas presents in the background. Vertical and Square formats.
Spring Images View/
Colorful Boxes Colorful Boxes
Our round boxes painted in vibrant Fun Strokes colors. Vertical Layout
Rustic Father's Day Rustic Father's Day
Bucket w/ Metal & Wood Handle & "Tin" Can Mug painted in a simple, rustic chalkboard style that can be used for years to come! Horizontal layout
Dad's Day Fish Dad's Day Fish
A perfect image to showcase a hand-print design and gift for dad! Can be vertical or horizontal.
Mother's Day Full of Flowers Mother's Day Full of Flowers
A Mother's Day image filled with flowers! Vertical format.
Dad's Favorite Things - Horizontal Dad's Favorite Things - Horizontal
This design showcases all of Dad's favorite things in a fun and whimsical way! Easy to create with stamps of any design. Horizontal layout.
Dad's Favorite Things Dad's Favorite Things
This design showcases all of Dad's favorite things in a fun and whimsical way! Easy to create with stamps of any design!
Easter Easter
Pastel decorated Easter Pieces. Horizontal layout.
Mother's Day-sies Mother's Day-sies
Daisy themed dinnerware for Mother's Day. Horizontal layout
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Our popular eggs painted with the letters spelling out "Easter". Vertical format.
Easter Kids Items Easter Kids Items
Kids boxes and figurines in an Easter setting. Horizontal layout.
Easter In the Grass Easter In the Grass
Party Animal Easter characters in the grass! Horizontal layout.
Summer Images View/
Sandcastle Sandcastle
Light-Up Castle creatively painted to look like a sandcastle. Square format.
Seaside Bowls & Stemware Seaside Bowls & Stemware
We painted a set of bowls and stemware in a summer, seafood motif! Vertical format.
Fall Images View/
Light-Up Your Halloween Light-Up Your Halloween
A variety of light-up lanterns decorated for Halloween. Horizontal layout.
Fall Scene Fall Scene
This Fall scene features our Leaf Platter, Pumpkin Tureen, and Leaf Bisquies. Vertical or square formats.
Halloween Lanterns Halloween Lanterns
Large Jack-O-Lantern & Jar Star Lanterns painted for Halloween/Fall. Can be a vertical, square, or horizontal layout.
Dinnerware View/
Organic Ware Blue Organic Ware Blue
Our Organic Ware set painted with White Board Surface Coat and Midnight Stone and Ocean Mist Pottery Glazes layered together. Horizontal layout.
Celebration of Chevron Dinnerware Celebration of Chevron Dinnerware
Brightly painted chevron dinnerware - perfect for celebrations. Horizontal layout
Nautical Squircle Dinnerware Nautical Squircle Dinnerware
Squircle dinnerware painted in a nautical/beach theme. Horizontal layout
Ladybug Dinnerware Ladybug Dinnerware
An array of dinnerware collections painted with a ladybug design, fit for a perfect picnic setting. Vertical format.
Watercolor Coupe Dinnerware Watercolor Coupe Dinnerware
Our popular coupe dinnerware plates painted with a watercolor flower design on each. Horizontal format.
Whimsy Ware Polka Dots Whimsy Ware Polka Dots
Whimsy Ware collection painted in polka dots with a monogram design. Horizontal layout.
Platters View/
USA Map Platter USA Map Platter
Our USA Map Platter painted in vibrant fun strokes colors. Horizontal format
Teacher's Gift Platter Teacher's Gift Platter
We painted Oval Rim Platter as a teacher's gift using kids hand prints all around the rim. Vertical format.
Eat Your Veggies Platter Eat Your Veggies Platter
Our two handled platter featuring a "Two Chicks & A Brush" design from their books.
Bowls View/
Topperware Topperware
Our Topperware Frame, Bowl and Chip & Dip integrated with sports-themed Tiny Toppers. Horizontal layout
Stack of Bowls Stack of Bowls
Our Bene Bowl and Cone Bowl painted using various Pottery Glazes and glaze layering techniques. Can be used vertically or horizontally
Fall Serving Bowls Fall Serving Bowls
We painted our Pasta Bowls in a Fall decor perfect as wedding or anniversary gifts.
Wavy Bowls with Pottery Glazes Wavy Bowls with Pottery Glazes
Our Wavy Serving Bowls featuring Pottery Glazes and Surface Coat. Horizontal format.
Pottery Glazed Serving Bowls Pottery Glazed Serving Bowls
Three large serving bowls painted with a vast variety of Pottery Glazes to show what layering and different techniques can look like. Horizontal format.
Ice Cream Bowls Ice Cream Bowls
A variety of individual serving bowls painted in fun designs and colors showing them serving up ice cream! Horizontal format.
Pottery Glazed Bowls Pottery Glazed Bowls
A variety of individual serving bowls painted with our earth-toned Pottery Glazes. Square format.
Drinkware View/
Pottery Glaze Layering Pottery Glaze Layering
Tips for layering pottery glazes onto these popular "Tin" Can Mugs, includes color combinations for all three mugs, as well as tips for creating your own glaze layered materpieces!
Rustic Rustic
Our Tin Can Mugs showing glaze layering with Pottery Glazes or Crushed Crystal Pottery Glazes over the top of Surface Coats. Horizontal layout
Nautical Mugs Nautical Mugs
Nautical Mugs, 2 sizes, 2 shapes, painted with an eye catching combination of the marble technique and Doodle Dots™. Horizontal format.
Ani-Mugs Ani-Mugs
Our kids Ani-mugs all lined up with a cookie prop. Horizontal layout.
Home Decor View/
Jar Star Lanterns Jar Star Lanterns
Our Jar Star Lanterns featured in brand new Pottery Glaze colors, the 2017/2018 Catalog cover. Vertical layout
Bud Vases Bud Vases
Our Bud Vases showing glaze a glaze layering technique where Black Top Surface Coat is used as a base, with Pottery Crystal Glazes layered over the top. Horizontal layout
House Lanterns House Lanterns
A vertical image of colorful painted house lanterns.
Birdhouses Birdhouses
Themed birdhouses incorporate Bisquies. Horizontal layout
House Lanterns House Lanterns
Our House Lanterns all lit up in rows and rows of bright colors. Horizontal format.
Hanging Lanterns with Pottery Glazes Hanging Lanterns with Pottery Glazes
Our hanging lanterns set against a galvanized steel background making them take on a modern/urban look. Each is painted with Pottery Glazes. Horizontal format.
Hanging Lanterns with Pottery Glazes Hanging Lanterns with Pottery Glazes
Our hanging lanterns set against a galvanized steel background making them take on a modern/urban look. Each is painted with Pottery Glazes. Vertical format.
Lanterns in the Daylight Lanterns in the Daylight
Our Snowflake Lantern and House Lantern light up on a mantle showing them in a daylight atmosphere to emphasis the colors, texture, and design. Horizontal format.
Lanterns in the Dark Lanterns in the Dark
A few of our home decor items such as our Snowflake Lantern and House Lantern featured on a mantle in a darkened room to show how bright they can glow!
Kids View/
Sugar Skulls Sugar Skulls
Our wide selection of Sugar Skull items to pump up your Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. Horizontal layout
Emoji Bisque Emoji Bisque
Two fun items in our Emoji line of bisque. Vertical layout
Cutest of Party Animals Cutest of Party Animals
Our Party Animals featured in the spotlight! Vertical format.
Biggy Banks and Gumballs Biggy Banks and Gumballs
A few of our favorite Biggy Banks surrounded by colorful gumballs! Vertical layout.
Princesses and Light-Up Castle Princesses and Light-Up Castle
Icy decorated Light-Up Castle with Princess Party Animals and Snowflake Ornaments. Horizontal Layout
Monster Truck and Jet Monster Truck and Jet
Kid's Monster Truck and Jet. Horizontal layout
Kids Animals with Moustaches Kids Animals with Moustaches
Have fun with our kids pieces by adding our Bisquie moustaches! Vertical format.
Sea Life Banks Sea Life Banks
Our sea life banks in colorful colors and a seaside background. Horizontal format.
Party Animals Party Animals
Lots and lots of Party Animals! Perfect image for a party room! Vertical format.
Small Word Plaques Small Word Plaques
Our small word plaques in a home/desk setting. Vertical format.
Sharks! Sharks!
A bunch of shark pieces all in one photo! Vertical format.
Castle Bank & Tiny Toppers Castle Bank & Tiny Toppers
Our Castle Bank and Tiny Toppers painted to look like the real thing complete with stone foreground! Horizontal format.
Colorful Dinosaur Banks Colorful Dinosaur Banks
Our Dinosaur Banks in 3 secondary colors that stand out against a life-like background. Vertical or square format.
Octopus Party Animals Octopus Party Animals
An under-the-sea image of our Octopus Party Animals!