Our Products: 7452 - EAGLE PARTY ANIMAL

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7334 OWL BOX
4W x 4H


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8 case count

The majestic Eagle becomes our latest addition to the Party Animal line.  Did you know... Clearly recognized by its white head, brown body, and hooked yellow beak, the bald eagle has been the national emblem of the United States of America since 1782.

Preferring to make their homes in large trees near bodies of water (both fresh and salt), bald eagles build enormous nests, called eyries, out of sticks. Generally, their eyries are at least 2 ft. deep and 5 ft. across but can be bigger. These substantial nests have been known to weigh up to 1 ton.

Value priced and perfectly sized for parties.


  • Item No.: 7452
  • Size: 4.75H x 2.25W